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Orang Asli Village


- RM45 per person


ORANG means man, ORANG HUTAN or man of the jungle and ORANG ASLI are the original inhabitants of the jungle. The ORANG ASLI of Taman Negara called themself BATEK. The People of the Rainforest.

Some still live a semi nomadic life, hunting and gathering lifestyle, within the park. Their settlements are along some of the forest trails or by the rivers. The BATEK are gentle race of people, short in stature, dark skinned, and with tight curly hair, SOMOKBERI have wavy hair. They have been some intermarriage with the neighbouring SOMOKBERI group. The BATEK depend largely on forest produce for their food supply – yams and small animals such as monkey & squirrels, are hunted by blowpipe.

Their villages huts are simple, palm-thatched shelters, one for each family group, with several family groups usually staying together.

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