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Observation Hides


This is a nocturnal activity well worth the effort. There are six hides scattered around the park, some can be reached by walking, others by boat. Within the relatively safety of these hides, overlooking the salt licks and clearings, visitors get the chance to observe the often shy animals as they come to lick up the water and soil for essential mineral and salts for their body.

1. Kumbang Hide – To be done at night at a special location to observe wild life eat at a salt lake. 40 mins boat ride and an additional 45 mins walk to the hide.

2. Cegar Anjing Hide – A 20 mins walk from Kuala Tahan to reach hide.

3. Yong Hide – A 5 min boat ride and then 10 mins walk to reach hide.

4. Tahan Hide – This is the most popular hide, 5 minutes walk from the headquarters.

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