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Jungle Trekking


The network of the trekking trails are clearly marked, so it is easy and safe to trek in the jungle and surround yourself in the virgin jungle. Among the more popular trekking trails are as follows;

- Canopy Walkway & Lubok Simpon – 4 hour
- Kuala Bukit Teresek a Tahan & Bumbun Kumbang (Hide) – 4 hour
- Gua Telingga (Ear Cave Exploration) – 2.5 hour
- Lubok Simpon – 25 minutes
- Lata Berkoh Waterfall Cascade – 5 Hour

Other Trekking Trails are Bukit Indah, Warisan Hill, Abai Waterfall & Putri Waterfall

Overnight Trekking Trails are Tenor Rentis Trail (16Km), Kuala Keniam – Kuala Tahan Trail (28Km) & Gunung Tahan (55km)

* Jungle Trekking offers an unforgettable opportunity for the visitor to experience first-hand the extraordinary beauty of nature at its best. Each trail promises a different adventure, yet all are equally fascinating.

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